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In Echoexpert, in addition to comfortable and convenient working environment, lively and friendly working atmosphere with colleagues, you can always contact with the learning of the latest developments in various industries, and can assist the people had just been adapted to help enhance customer value and optimal development of talent.
This is a highly positive, benefit other people as well as oneself the cause, if you helpfulness, patience and respect for others, willing to try to challenge and learning, welcome to join our forward ranks.

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1. 提供專業之人才招募服務給企業客戶。
2. 剖析診斷客戶現狀,依不同面向瞭解與診斷客戶對人才的需求,並據此提供客制化的招募協助與服務。
3. 按客戶的招募需求,進行人才搜尋、履歷篩選、面試以及推薦,也作為客戶聘用人選時諮詢的對象。
4. 針對求職者,進行專業履歷制作、面試指導、職涯諮詢等等。
5. 與其他專業顧問團隊合作,創造資源最大化。





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